Handbook on trade remedies in India

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Time: December 2023


By: WTO and International Trade Center, VCCI


In international trade, the term "trade defense measures" (TDMs) refers to three measures: anti-dumping, countervailing, and safeguards. These are tools that the World Trade Organization (WTO) allows importing markets to use to protect themselves against unfairly traded or surges of imports causing harm to domestic industries.


With continuously improving export capabilities and trade volume, Vietnamese exports are facing numerous investigations applying TDMs in export markets. Effectively responding and defending against these cases is a crucial requirement for export businesses to protect their interests, minimize damages, and sustain a viable export presence in the relevant markets.


Handbook on trade remedies in India is crafted considering the current situation where India is one of the promising export markets for Vietnam and, at the same time, falls under the category of countries utilizing TDMs most frequently within the WTO. This handbook is part of VCCI's series of guides on TDMs in foreign markets, compiled to introduce fundamental and essential information regarding conditions, procedures, and noteworthy aspects in cases of TDMs investigations in India.


It is hoped that this handbook will serve as a valuable reference guide for export businesses ready to cope with TDMs risks in the Indian market.


The soft copy of the publication is attached below:

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