Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is a national organization which assembles and represents business community, employers and business associations of all economic sectors in Vietnam . The purpose of the Chamber is to protect and assist business enterprises, to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country and to promote economic, commercial and technological co-operations between Vietnam and the rest of the world on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. The Chamber is an independent, non-governmental organization having the status of a legal entity anf operation with financial autonomy. 
Introduction on the Program
Antidumping cases become popular in international commercial practices. Unavoidably, exports of Vietnam have been subjects of such cases initiated in foreign markets as a real challenge to Vietnam 's integration into the global economy, penetration to markets and improvement of manufacture and export capacity of enterprises. Much more efforts from businesses, associations and authorities are still needed to overcome the challenge and take advantage of integration.
With an aim to assist enterprises to address antidumping cases and other trade remedies, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry implements a Program called "Enterprise Supporting Program on Antidumping" with a range of activities, as follows:
(i)Build an website as a focal point of antidumping information (legal documents, statistics, lessons learned, trends, etc…);
(ii)Edit and release publications on related issues for reference;
(iii)Establish a hotline as a consultancy on antidumping issues;
(iv)Hold training courses and workshops on antidumping for enterprises and associations.
Introduction on the Website
This website is built to:
- Be a focal point of antidumping information for enterprises and associations (international regulations, statistics, trends…);
- Be a forum for lessons learned and experience exchange among enterprises and experts on related issues;
Introduction on the Trade Remedies Council (TRC)
Trade remedies Council is an advisory body of VCCI, which is set up to work for the interests of Vietnamese business associations and community in issues relating to trade remedies (including Anti-dumping, Anti-subsidy and Safeguard measures).
The Council has the following functions:

- Consulting, supporting business associations and community in trade remedy issues (including Anti-dumping, Anti-subsidy and Safeguard measures) against Vietnamese exports to other countries or against imports into Vietnam as well as other related issues;

- Carrying out or guiding the activities to raise awareness, improve skills of action or reaction for Vietnamese business associations and community in trade remedy issues.