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Retroactivity - Where a final determination of injury is made where the effect of the dumped imports would, in the absence of the provisional measures, have led to a determination of injury, anti dumping duties may be levied retroactively for the period for which provisional measures, if any, have been applied. Further, a definitive anti dumping duty may be levied on products which were entered for consumption not more than 90 days prior to the date of application of provisional measures, when the authorities determine for the dumped product in question that:(i) there is a history of dumping which caused injury or that the importer was, or should have been, aware that the exporter practises dumping and that such dumping would cause injury, and (ii) the injury is caused by massive dumped imports of a product in a relatively short time which in light of the timing and the volume of the dumped imports and other circumstances (such as a rapid build up of inventories of the imported product) is likely to seriously undermine the remedial effect of the definitive anti dumping duty to be applied, provided that the importers concerned have been given an opportunity to comment.
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